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Charlie Argitis​
Charlie Argitis​
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I had an exceptional experience with Four Seasons Sunrooms. They were customer satisfaction oriented and their prices were by far the most reasonable. They came out to assess my needs right away, and I had received great design advice and prompt appointments.​
Daniel Ciano​
Daniel Ciano​
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They are professional and friendly people who took the time to explain how the steps leading up to the completion of the sunroom and kept up with communication along the way. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and family!​
Berta Portigiani​
Berta Portigiani​
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We love our new sunroom! Four Seasons worked with us to get all the necessary permits and town hearings to move forward. The workers were hard working and courteous, in very cold weather! We are enjoying our new beautiful living space.​
Alexa Bauman​
Alexa Bauman​
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Their products are beautiful, plus there's so many sunroom styles to choose from. I'm really impressed by the impeccable work they've done. In addition, their staff members are super friendly!

Sunroom Contractor in Wantagh, NY 11793

Plan Your Fantastic New Sunrooms In Wantagh, NY Right Now!

Do you want to sit outside on a cool summer morning? Would you like to gaze out at the forest or hillside behind your house from the windows without being bitten by mosquitoes?

These desires are easy to fulfill with an aesthetic sunroom addition to your home in Wantagh, NY. Adding a sunroom can be an ideal home addition because they are an outdoor structure that adds to your home's beauty and curb appeal.

However, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while remaining comfortable inside. An elegant sunroom will increase the square footage of your home while avoiding the costs associated with a traditional room addition.

Hire our Four Seasons Sunroom in Nassau County for fast sunroom installation services, and we'll bring light into your life. Contact us today on 516-253-2329.

Our Sunroom Design Team In Wantagh, NY Can Go Over All Of Your Options

When you contact our professional sunroom contractor in Wantagh, NY, you will be able to discuss your options with our professional during our free in-home design consultation.

We can go over the area where you intend to put your sunroom and design something perfect for your home. Our proficient sunroom contractor in NY will assist you in designing and building up the ideal sunroom for your needs.

Four Seasons Sunroom has sunrooms designed to expand and enhance your home while integrating its natural aesthetic appeal. Adding a sunroom to your home by hiring our competent sunroom installation professionals in Wantagh, NY, can create a sense of spaciousness, elegance, and warmth.

We believe that each of our sunrooms significantly increases the value and desirability of your home. We understand that everyone has different preferences regarding their living space. This is why our sunrooms are available in various designs and options to assist you in finding the ideal customized solution.

Sunroom Designs & Projects That We Have Mastered

Four Seasons Sunroom offers various sunroom designs and construction possibilities in Wantagh, NY. From traditional conservatories to modern glassrooms, each of these different styles and design options is ideal if you want to bring the outdoors inside and enjoy the wonderful weather all year in Nassau County.

We Are Masters In:

1) Screen Room: A screen room is a great place to enjoy cool breezes on the outdoor patio in the spring, fall, and summer seasons in Nassau County. A screen room can be built in the backyard or on the side of a house. While a screen room keeps out direct sunlight and pests or bugs, it does not keep out heavy rain.

2) Solariums: An elegant glassroom is a great place to enjoy the seasons. These floor-to-ceiling glass rooms can be configured for one, two, or all three seasons.

3) Three Season Rooms: A three-season room is more than just a screened-in porch; it has glass windows with screens. These rooms are available in double-pane and single-pane insulated glass, providing a comfortable living space from spring to fall or even until winter arrives.

4) Four Season Rooms: As the name implies, four-season rooms enable you and your family to enjoy fully insulated sunrooms all year. These energy-efficient sunrooms protect the family from the elements in a vibrant, open, and comfortable setting.

Personalize Your Sunroom Addition As You Envision!

We offer fast and affordable sunroom addition solutions in NY so you can enjoy your outdoor patio. In addition to the different styles of sunrooms available, we can build your addition to your specifications.

When you contact our insured and certified sunroom contractors from Four Seasons Sunroom in Wantagh, NY, we will arrive at your home for a free consultation to help you decide which type of sunroom product is best for you and your lifestyle. You'll have a lot of options, such as:

Talk To Us Today To Build Your Incredible New Sunroom

Our sunroom contractors at Four Seasons Sunroom in NY assists you with numerous home addition solutions. We will educate you with the necessary information to make the right decision for you and your family. We'll start building your sunroom as soon as we've decided on a plan and a design.

Don't put off the home addition you've always wanted and deserved. Contact our skilled and licensed sunroom contractor today on 516-253-2329 to learn more about adding a sunroom to your home in Wantagh, NY.

Some information about Wantagh, NY

Wantagh is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County, on Long Island, New York, United States. The population was 18,871 at the time of the 2010 census.

The Wantagh area was inhabited by the Merokee (or Merikoke) tribe of the Metoac Indians prior to the first wave of European settlement in the mid-17th century. The Merokee were part of the greater Montauk tribe that loosely ruled Long Island’s Native Americans. Wantagh was the sachem (chief) of the Merokee tribe in 1647, and was later the grand sachem of the Montauk tribe from 1651 to 1658. The Dutch settlers came east from their New Amsterdam colony, and English settlers came south from Connecticut and Massachusetts settlements. When the English and Dutch settled their competing claims to Long Island in the 1650 treaty conducted in Hartford, the Dutch partition included all lands west of Oyster Bay and thus the Wantagh area. Long Island then was ceded to the Duke of York in 1663-64, but then fell back into Dutch hands after the Dutch regained New York in 1673. The Treaty of Westminster in 1674 settled the land claims once and for all, incorporating Long Island into the now-British colony of New York.

Early settler accounts refer to Wantagh as “Jerusalem”, although earlier accounts refer to the area as “Wantagh”. The creek running north-south through Wantagh, and which has been covered up in many places but is still visible between the Wantagh Parkway and the housing developments west of Wantagh Avenue, was originally the Jerusalem River. The original post office was built in 1837, for Jerusalem, but mail service from Brooklyn began around 1780. The town’s first school was established in 1790. At some time around the 1880s, Jerusalem was renamed Ridgewood, and the town’s original LIRR station was named “Ridgewood Station”. Later, Ridgewood was renamed Wantagh to avoid confusion with another town in New York State with the same name.

Wantagh, NY

George Washington rode through Jerusalem on April 21, 1790, as part of his 5-day tour of Long Island. The Daughters of the American Revolution have placed a plaque on Hempstead Turnpike to commemorate Washington’s travels, which took him from Hempstead on Jerusalem Road (now North Jerusalem Road) to Jerusalem, on to Merrick Road. He then went on to head east, then circle back west on the north shore. During the Revolutionary War, British ships traveled up Jones inlet and came ashore to raid Jerusalem farms.

Learn more about Wantagh.

Map of Wantagh, NY

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