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Outdoor living perfected 

Our LifeRooms add to your outdoor living

LifeRoom offers an exclusive experience of luxury and comfort with its fully automated, remote-controlled screens that descend around you and your guests with a single press of a button. No matter what the outdoors looks like – rain or shine, pesky bugs or nosy neighbors – feel safe being shackled in the attractive self-enclosed environment. With LifeRoom, your backyard is upgraded to be the trendy VIP room of the town. Every hour is filled with unbridled fun. And all this while you can still enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty through LifeRoom’s soothing LED lighting system. It’s the first outdoor room that can become an indoor room at your command so you can take a deep breath and revel in endless nights of joy!

Nassau County LifeRoom Contractor
LifeRoom Contractor
LifeRoom Contractor Nassau County
LifeRoom Contractor Nassau County

Fully Customizable

With LifeRoom, we can transform any dull, ordinary backyard into a stunning outdoor sanctuary that reflects your personal style. We can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. With this entertainment system, you will be able to impress your friends and family as you are able to raise or lower the fully automated screens with the remote control. You have never been able to enjoy the backyard like this before.

Cool Mist & Soft Breeze Technology

Using our Cool Mist climate system and Soft Breeze technology, you can actually lower the room’s temperature by up to 40 degrees. With LifeRoom’s protective screens, you and your family can relax in a safe and healthy manner by blocking 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. With over 20 patents to their credit, this experience was created by a team of highly skilled engineers and designers.

In the stifling heat of the summer, you will find your LifeRoom to be the perfect escape.

Four Seasons Sunrooms has been in business for nearly half a century. We are tried and true, highly recommended, dependable, and internationally recognized as the industry leader in both products and customer service.

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Nassau County Sunroom Contractor
Client Testimonials
striving for great experiences
I had an exceptional experience with Four Seasons Sunrooms. They were customer satisfaction oriented and their prices were by far the most reasonable. They came out to assess my needs right away, and I had received great design advice and prompt appointments.
Google Log
Charlie Argitis
We love our new sunroom! Four Seasons worked with us to get all the necessary permits and town hearings to move forward. The workers were hard working and courteous, in very cold weather! We are enjoying our new beautiful living space.
Google Log
Berta Portigiani
They are professional and friendly people who took the time to explain how the steps leading up to the completion of the sunroom and kept up with communication along the way. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and family!
Google Log
Daniel Ciano
Their products are beautiful, plus there's so many sunroom styles to choose from. I'm really impressed by the impeccable work they've done. In addition, their staff members are super friendly!
Google Log
Alexa Bauman

Your Trusted Outdoor Specialist